CP Line – Wall covers

CP Line – Wall Covers with a flat surface

Wall covers in Marmoresina®, thanks to the unique components with which they are created, are perfect architectural elements to protect masonry works, while also being easy to install aesthetic finishes. Wall covers in Marmoresina® stop water infiltrations, efflorescence, leaching, chalking and, more generally, they are very resistant to weather agents, without the need for special maintenance.

The “CP” Line in Marmoresina® features a flat surface. The cross sections start from 10.5 cm up to  23 cm. It is supplied in bars sized 200 cm and with a thickness of  2 cm. It does not feature later fins on the wall.

Articolo Lunghezza cm Peso kg
Articolo CP/10,5 Lunghezza cm 200 Peso kg 4,5
Articolo CP/14 Lunghezza cm 200 Peso kg 6,5
Articolo CP/16 Lunghezza cm 200 Peso kg 7,3
Articolo CP/17 Lunghezza cm 200 Peso kg 7,7
Articolo CP/19 Lunghezza cm 200 Peso kg 8,7
Articolo CP/20 Lunghezza cm 200 Peso kg 9,3
Articolo CP/23 Lunghezza cm 200 Peso kg 10,5

Coprimuro piatto Serie CP in Marmoresina colori smaltati per coprimuro in Marmoresina

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