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Thousands of products, even custom made

Marmoresina: adaptable, versatile, durable

Like marble, better than marble

Wall covers, windowsill thresholds, slabs, floor courses: discover the Marmoresina® quality

Wall covers, window squarings, balaustrades, channels, and facades in Marmoresina®: Europlast features a wide range of Marmoresina® products replacing natural marble and 90% made of powders and inert granules of marble and quartz, agglomerated with special outdoor resins.
The marble, crushed into more than ten different grain sizes is “mixed” with special high-strength resins by means of a computerized system with numerical dosing control ensuring an even mixture in terms of quality and quantity. The mixes change in their composition based on the specific type of products and their application

Europlast not only offers standard products, but it also provides Marmoresina® items on request, designed according to the client’s wishes.

The limitations in the productions of marble, stone or cement items are overcome by Marmoresina® because it is produced in special molds designed and manufactured in-house. The benefits are: identical, perfect items with fast delivery

Impact and flexural strength resistant
No change over time
Dirt and smog resistant
Easy to treat
Frost and weather agent resistant
High temperature resistant too
Liquid and moisture-proof
Eliminates thermal bridges

Infinite applications in the construction industry

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Project Porfolio

Hotel Baia Imperiale


Residential building in Montecarlo

Custom-made cornices with internal frames. Wall covers and pilasters

Real Estate Complex Milan

Flower box with balcony hollow

Single family home Rimini

Balustrades and curved wall covers, column covers, wall covers and skirting boards

Volkswagen Veneto Car Dealerships

Externally vented facades with implementation of custom-designed items

Volkswagen Tuscany Car Dealerships

Externally vented facades with implementation of custom-designed items

Hotel Centergross Bologna

Window squarings and balcony doors, windowsill thresholds, wall covers, skirting boards and decorative frames

Residential building Varese

Flower boxes created specifically for recessed hanging fastening