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Ventilated facades in Marmoresina®

Marmoresina® ventilated facades are a cladding system that gives buildings elegance and functionality with high aesthetic quality.. In addition to their architectural characteristics, Marmoresina® ventilated facades act as an obstacle to solar radiation  and provide the  building  with thermal and acoustic insulation.. They ensure better comfort thanks to the comfortable indoor climate both in winter and summer.

The installation of the Marmoresina® ventilated facade, both for the renovation of existing buildings and for new ones, brings considerable advantages both in terms of  wall preservation  and energy efficiency (elimination of thermal bridges), especially in the case of buildings expanded in height or very insulated or exposed.

The formation of a gap between the building and the ventilated wall allows  the flow of air (natural ventilation) with a “chimney” effect that significantly reduces the gaps due to the geometric discontinuities and different thermal expansions caused by the different materials used in buildings, which  inevitably lead to greater heat loss.

Our fixing systems are recessed on an aluminum alloy substructure in accordance with DIN 18516 standards comprising vertical uprights, firmly anchored to the load-bearing structures of the building and horizontal uprights placed to support the slabs. The load-bearing capacity of the metal substructure takes into account the weight of the slabs in relation to variables such as height, shape, exposure of the building, wind loads and thermal load when determining the vertical and horizontal load.

The dimensions and thickness of the Marmoresina® slabs are variable and  are custom made on request. Marmoresina® is produced in compliance with the UNI 10330 standards, which establishes the composition of agglomerated materials. Our technicians will follow step-by-step the assembly and installation work. The vast range of Marmoresina® colors makes it possible to customize any building in a unique way.

Sistema di ancoraggio per lastre Marmoresina da esterno Lastre da esterno ventilate Marmoresina Parete esterna con lastre Marmoresina Lastre Marmoresina Lastre angolari da esterno Marmoresina

Colori per lastre per esterno in Marmoresina Colori per lastre per esterno in Marmoresina

Colori per lastre per esterno in Marmoresina


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