DCS Line – Threshold for Windowsill

Windowsill threshold in Marmoresina®, glue it over your old windowsill threshold

Marmoresina® is the perfect material to create windowsill thresholds. The Marmoresina® windowsill thresholds of the “DCS” line are 200 cm long, while their width ranges from 16 to 56 cm.

Creating a Marmoresina®  windowsill threshold means having a product that removes the “thermal bridge”, does not transfer humidity inside the building, represents an architectural element aesthetically beautiful, resistant to atmospheric agents and durable over time without having to carry out specific maintenance.

Marmoresina® windowsill thresholds can be custom made based on specific needs. This item is particularly suitable for the restoration of the existing windowsill, gluing over the old windowsill, in cement or marble, the new one in Marmoresina® with sections of just one centimeter. Another advantage over traditional materials is the speed of delivery, in ten days we can provide building yards with hundreds of windows. On request we provide Marmoresina® pieces cut to size.

DC/DCS/DCL./DP Line available with 8 mm thickness

DC/DCS/DCL./DP Line available with ancient stone surface

Special sizes and shapes on request

Articolo Lunghezza cm
Articolo DCS Lunghezza cm 200

Soglie per davanzali in Marmoresina

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