Floor bands

Beauty and practicality: floor bands in Marmoresina®

Marmoresina® floor bands are manufactured with high resistance to impact, infiltration, weather agents and temperature fluctuations. The elegant design of the Marmoresina® floor bands makes it possible to obtain architectural solutions with high aesthetics. We offer the possibility to create custom-made floor bands directly from your project.

Item Length cm Weight Kg
Item A/12 Length cm 100 Weight Kg 12,5
Item M/33 Length cm 100 Weight Kg 14,5
Item M/34 Length cm 100 Weight Kg 13
Item M/35,8 Length cm 100 Weight Kg 18
Item PR/A Length cm 200 Weight Kg 1,1
Item R/AG Length cm 225 Weight Kg 3,2
Item GRV/22 Length cm 100 Weight Kg 0,5
Item GRV/29 Length cm 200 Weight Kg 0,8
Item GRV/38 Length cm 200 Weight Kg 1
Item GRV/41 Length cm 200 Weight Kg 1,6
Item GRV/46 Length cm 200 Weight Kg 1,3
Item GRV/47 Length cm 200 Weight Kg 1,8

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