Portholes and column covers

Portholes and column covers in Marmoresina®, easy to install, beautiful to look at

Portholes and column covers in Marmoresina®are the best solution to embellish your building.

Single-block portholes in Marmoresina®, which can also be custom made are a novelty on the market for outdoor finishes to replace the ones in cement, plaster and composite materials. Marmoresina® moldings with recessed fastening system have countless applications, they are solid but lightweight as well as nicely finished and manufactured in accordance with   UNI-10330 standards. The installation is easy and quick even without the use of scaffolding. The product can be supplied with sanding treatment to generate a stone effect or can be painted in the same color of the facade.

Column covers in Marmoresina® can be manufactured with a square shape (22 cm per side), rectangular shape (up to 62×78 cm) or round shape (diameter of 36 cm)  and are suitable for all standard columns. Custom made column covers can be custom made based on your project requirements

Item width Weight Kg
Item O/68/72 width 10 Weight Kg 17,5
Item O/75/77 width 21 Weight Kg 24
Item O/76/80 width 13,5 Weight Kg 20
Item O/96/100 width 30 Weight Kg 41,5
Item CL/Q 22x22 width - Weight Kg 4,0
Item CL/Q 25x25 width - Weight Kg 5,0
Item CL/Q 30x30 width - Weight Kg 7,0
Item CL/Q 39x39 width - Weight Kg 11
Item CL/Q 42x42 width - Weight Kg 21,5
Item CL/R 42x29 width - Weight Kg 9,5
Item CL/R 62x78 width - Weight Kg 30
Item CL/R 41x35 width - Weight Kg 12
Item CL/C 36 width - Weight Kg 15,5

Copricolonna in Marmoresina Copricolonna in Marmoresina

Oblò in Marmoresina realizzabile su misura

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